Lakeside Institute of Theology academically equips people seeking to better serve the church and the world in Biblical love. The Institute is a formal graduate school, founded in 2012. It provides quality Masters-level courses that can lead to a Certificate, Associate, or Master’s degree. The courses are designed to help lay people and those planning to serve in vocational ministry. 

The Mexican Government has licensed and registered the Institute and certified the Institute to license ministers, an option for those completing Masters level programs. The Institute also allows people to audit courses for personal growth. We have an obligation to do this to honor our charter with the government of Mexico and for the sake of integrity for those taking the courses for academic credit toward a Masters degree. Of course, those auditing the course have fewer requirements.

Certificate and Degree offerings include:
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies
  • Certificate of Biblical Maturity
  • Associate of Biblical Studies
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Divinity

For information about Certificate or Degree requirements, please go to Curriculum

Lakeside Institute of Theology is part of Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Ajijic, Mexico. The Church is an active and growing community in the Lake Chapala area.