Certificates and Degrees

To receive a certificate or degree, you must complete the following:

  • For a Certificate of Biblical Studies – 8 courses (2-OT, 3-NT, 2-CM, 1-TH)
  • For a Certificate of Biblical Maturity – 12 courses (3-OT, 4-NT, 3-CM, 2-TH)
  • For a Master of Theology – 19 courses (5-OT, 5-NT, 3-CM, 3-TH, 2-CL + Practicum)
  • For a Master of Theology and Ministry – 24 courses  (5-OT, 5-NT, 3-CM, 5-TH, 5-CL + Practicum)

Complete Course List – Links are to previous class content

Old Testament Studies (OT)
OT1 Old Testament Survey
OT2 Old Testament Theology
OT3 Pentateuch
OT4 History Books
OT5 Wisdom Books
OT6 The Prophets

New Testament Studies (NT)
NT1 New Testament Survey
NT2 New Testament Theology
NT3 Gospels and Acts
NT4 Pauline Epistles
NT5 The General Epistles and Revelation

Christian Maturity (CM)
CM1 How to Study the Bible
CM2 Spiritual Disciplines
CM3 Stewardship and Practical Christian Living 
CM4 Biblical Discipleship
CM5 Biblical Counseling
CM6 Life of Prayer

Theology (TH)
OT2 Old Testament Theology
NT2 New Testament Theology
TH1 Church History 1
TH2 Church History 2 – Reformation to Today
TH3 Systematic Theology 1
TH4 Systematic Theology 2

Christian Leadership (CL)
CL1 Biblical Interpretation
CL2 Homiletics and Communication
CL3 Biblical Ethics
CL4 Pastoral Theology and Ministry
CL5 Preparation for Ministry Seminar
PR   Practicum

Policies and Requirements

  1. Students seeking a certificate or degree must register in advance of the start of class.
  2. No fees will be charged for classes, but all students seeking a certificate or degree will be required to purchase the required textbooks.
  3. Anyone not in a certificate or degree track may attend any class, at any time, at no cost.
  4. Students in certificate or degree tracks may miss no more than one class per course without arrangements made in advance with the instructor to make up missed work (at the discretion of the instructor).
  5. Students in certificate or degree tracks will be required to take a final exam in each course, based on study guidelines provided by the instructor.
  6. Students in certificate or degree tracks must make a passing grade in each course in order to receive credit for that course toward a certificate or degree.
  7. Candidates for degrees (Master of Theology and Master of Theology and Ministry) must be approved by the Institute Dean before admission into a degree program.