Lakeside Institute of Theology academically equips people seeking to better serve the church and the world in Biblical love. It provides quality Masters-level courses that can lead to a Certificate or a Masters degree. The courses are designed to help lay people and those planning to serve in vocational ministry. The Mexican Government licensed and registered the Institute and certified the Institute to license ministers, an option for those completing the masters-level programs. The Institute also allows people to audit courses for personal growth.

The Institute is a formal graduate school. We work hard to make it as informal as reasonably possible, yet maintain appropriate academic rigor. We have an obligation to do this to honor our charter with the government of Mexico and for the sake of integrity – for those taking the courses for academic credit toward a Master’s degree. Of course, those auditing the course have fewer requirements.

Certificate and Degree offerings include:
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies
  • Certificate of Biblical Maturity
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Theology and Ministry

For information about Certificate or Degree requirements, go to Curriculum. Online courses are not currently being offered.

Student Requirements

Auditors: To audit a course: Simply register for the course by the registration deadline. It’s that simple.

Certificate: Submit a High School diploma or the equivalent to the Registrar and register for the course by the registration deadline.

Master’s Degree Admission Requirements

Submit the following to the Registrar or Dean:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  2. Official Transcript
  3. Letters of reference from 3 people including your pastor, but not including family members
  4. A short essay describing your spiritual journey and why you want to earn a degree from LIT
  5. An oral interview with an LIT admissions committee (3 people)
  6. Once admitted, register for a course by the registration deadline.

To Register for a Course:

  1. Go to News and find the next course offering and the registration deadline. 
  2. Contact the Registrar at litmxregistrar@gmail.com and ask for a Registration Form.
  3. Complete the Registration Form and submit it to the Registrar by the registration deadline.

Faculty Qualifications:

  1. Graduate degree (doctorate preferred but not required) from an accredited institution of higher learning in a relevant field (e.g. Bible, Theology, Ministry, or Missiology) preferred.
  2. Education Transcripts
  3. 3 years teaching experience at the graduate level in subject(s) that relate to our course offerings
  4. At least 3 References and recommendation letters
  5. Vita
  6. Comprehensive Bible knowledge
  7. Statement of teaching style
  8. Evidence of discleship
  9. Jesus as lord
  10. Evidence of fruit of the Spirit
  11. A person of prayer
  12. High integrity
  13. Honors confidentiality
  14. Teachable
  15. Skills:
    1. Good communication, especially listening
    2. Computer literate: PowerPoint, word processing, spreadsheet, online research

Lakeside Institute of Theology is part of Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Ajijic, Mexico. The Church is an active and growing community in the Lake Chapala area.