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Lakeside Institute of Theology offers a free, 10-week class, CM6 Agape Therapy, beginning Wednesday, January 8, 2020. In this course we will learn how a nonprofessional follower (layperson) of Jesus can competently help people struggling with and hurting from boredom, control issues, depression, loneliness, rejection, runaway emotions, sleep deprivation, and other struggles. We’ll learn how to comfortably use agape (God-like love) to help hurting people heal and deal with these struggles. We’ll study topics like attitude, being real, gratitude, grief, listening, laughter, love languages, and self-talk. Class meets for 10 weeks; 10a-12p Wednesdays. For more information, the course syllabus, and a registration form, contact the Registrar at litmxregistrar@gmail.com


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  1. Good morning. I just came across your website giving information on the Theology course starting 7th October, 2019.
    I am interested in it and plead for opportunity to submit my application now.

    Thank you so much
    Olugbemiga Abidoye

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