Just a few weeks before the new term

We hope you’ve enjoyed your break. It’s exciting that some of you have been continuing to study, making up courses you’ve missed by watching the videos and reading the texts.

We’re getting ready for the new term now — and if you want to prepare, here’s what’s in store:

On Wednesdays, beginning January 8, we’ll be looking more deeply into the Historical Books of the Old Testament. The outline is posted now, so you can see where we’ll be going. If you’ve already purchased our Old Testament textbook, you can even get started with the reading.

On Thursdays, starting January 9, we’ll explore the Pauline Epistles. Paul was an amazing theologian and loved his Lord whole-heartedly. He appeals to our intellect as well as our emotions, so the class will be a full-brain workout! You can see the full course outline now.

I think we’re all looking forward to Systematic Theology 1! This will no doubt be the most challenging class this term. And it has the potential to be the most important, since all of us need a better grasp of what we believe and why.

Here is the reading list and class schedule for the new term.

Ross has the textbooks available in the church office, so you can purchase them whenever he’s at church — including the first day of class.

Hope to see you at the Institute in January!

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